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The German hip hop artist and hardcore kid, D-Pelt has not fallen out of touch with either of his scenes as he puts out a new album which will be available at Coretex Records in two weeks.

This album release is a game-changer for D-Pelt who has previously put out DIY rap releases available for download. Things are changing with the new album as it will be released as a limited digi-pack with two bonus tracks with only 100 copies available. But that is not the only change, the album is filled with surprises both in style and features.

The opening song “Bombe” takes the listener by surprise with its return to D-Pelt’s roots in hardcore. Both Soifass and Anticops play a part in it as well as long-time collaborator Holger “777” Fuhrmann, who some might recognize from the infamous Cunthunt 777.

The contrasts between the rap songs and the hardcore songs are very noticeable with the three guitar-driven hardcore songs being spread out over the 7 songs that the album comprises of (not counting the bonus tracks) making the shifts clear from hardcore to hip hop and back again. On the other hand, these shifts portray D-Pelt’s personality, he is both hardcore and hip hop and cannot let go of either of those worlds. The lyrics of both hardcore and hip hop songs are dominated by personal story, development and attitude towards humanity.

A song that needs to be highlighted is definitely “Dead End” where Jorge (Merauder/Akani) balances D-Pelt’s German lyrics with his own American ones as the album comes to an end. Whether or not D-Pelt is a rapper or a hardcore kid cannot really be determined, not in this song, not on the entire album. It does, however, become clear that he is a musician with a passion for what’s really in his heart…the music!

Release date: 25 August

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