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Cyclotimics' - the people who are dissolved in the crowd; easy manipulated.

The members of this Russian duo, MK (keyboards, music, sampling, market rituals) and LM (drums, programming, sound engineering, electronic manipulations) reside in Moscow and have been involved in electronic music since 1997. They met in 1998 and formed Cyclotimia shortly thereafter with the purpose of making experimental music together. They gained fame as one of Russia's most respectful and well-known electronic projects, smartly combining trendy, experimental, and academic music. The left-wing oriented band chose to create music "condemning" the globalization and consumer society values.

In the year 2007 one CD copy of "Celestis: Space Ceremonial Music" album visited space within Legacy Flight which took place on April 28th in Spaceport America in New Mexico.

Another CD copy of this album visited space and returned back to Earth within Pioneer Flight launched May 4, 2010. A very few bands have anything in their possession that has traveled to space.

Cyclotimia's trademark sound proceeds from using a mix of the state-of-the-art synthesis technologies and vintage analog / Soviet machines.

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