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  • Mitglieder

    • Brian Ó hEadhra
    • Fiona Mackenzie
    • James Graham
    • Rachel Walker

The Highland based quartet Cruinn brings together four of Scotland's premier Gaelic singers - James Graham, Fiona Mackenzie, Brian O hEadhra and Rachel Walker. Each of these artists are highly regarded in their own right and together, as Cruinn, they perform traditional and contemporary Gaelic songs with beautiful harmonies and arrangements.

Cruinn draws upon the wealth of the rich Gaelic song tradition as the audience are treated to well known (and some lesser known) ballads, waulking songs, puirt-a-beul, and sing-alongs. Cruinn also boast some of Gaeldom's foremost contemporary songwriters who perform their own material inspired by various styles and cultures.

The members of Cruinn are not only accomplished singers but are also adept at accompanying songs with an array of instruments, including piano, guitar, pipes, bodhran, whistle, shruti box, harmonica, percussion, and accordion.
Cruinn perform at home and abroad for select festivals and venues. The members are also in demand as tutors at fèisean, festivals, summer schools and in the formal educational sector.

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