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  • Jahre aktiv

    2004 – heute (13 Jahre)

Cross Examination ripped pages from D.R.I…, Iron Maiden and the Domino’s advertisement in the phone book to create their own brand of pizza influenced crossover metal and thrash.

Staffed by a group of ragers that would send the Animal House crew running scared to their mommas, Cross Exam play songs about drinking beer, partying, weed-smoking dragons, the decapitation of hipsters, and whatever other inane thing pops into the alcohol-addled mind of front man “Devil Dan.” This band takes its reputation for partying very seriously, but the secret’s in the pizza sauce: dedication to making the audience say “holy shit” after each and every show.

Cross Exam’s live show is piqued by circle pits, fog machines, costumes, beer bongs, and homemade light up signs that read, among other things, “CIRCLE PIT” and “FUCK YEAH,” instructing the crowd on how to behave themselves and congratulating them when they do it right.

Cross Examination is working on a full length, set to be released on Organized Crime Records, due in early 2008. Up to this point they have raged out-of-state only sparsely because of John Law’s rules and their propensity to disobey them, but with legal troubles finding their way into the past you can expect them soon in a town near you.

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