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Ivan Shopov (Cooh)

Started playing bass guitar in a hardcore-metal band when at 16 and
got involved with creating electronic music at the age of 18.

Producing Drum And Bass for 7 years, now at the age of 25, he has 17
vinyl and 8 CD releases.

Together with Valery Sholevski (Ogonek), in 2002 he began intense
promotion of drum and bass in the boarders of Bulgaria, sending
"patriotic" messages to the young generation and playing a lot in the
busiest clubs in Sofia (the capital city of Bulgaria.), mainly with
the H.M.S.U. crew .As time passed by, his style improved significantly
until finally he adopted the contemporary hard and dark dnb sound.

With a lot of hard work behind his back, Cooh is now releasing for
some of the well known and most respected drum and bass labels :
Position Chrome, Offkey,Commercial Suicide, PRSPCT, Obsessions, LB ,
Sinuous, TOV, G2, Bass Rejects and more. His energetic author tracks
are often played by leading artists in the genre: Raiden,The Panacea,
Dylan, Limewax, Gain, Audio, BSE,Tech itch,Future Prophecies, Evol
Intent , Counterstrike, Vengeanze , The Sect, Infiltrata, EBK, etc.

Cooh has had appearances in many parts of the world. So far he has
played in Russia, France, Belgium, Spain, Slovenia, Poland,
Germany,Holland and Romania, and is booked for performing in England ,
Austria , Ukraine and Portogal . He has a special knowledge of how to
make the crowds go crazy and loves to share his own emotions with the
people on the dance floor.

In the meantime Ivan has also been working in the field of Dubstep,
IDM and downtempo , and last but not least - jazz music under another
alias - Balkansky . He has played at some of the biggest jazz
festivals in Bulgaria as part of The Stoyan Yankuolov Quintete, also
with one the best Bulgarian jazz musicans - Theodosii Spassov.

Paralel with making music , he is also active in the sphere of fine
arts, studying and drawing graphic prints and has created a remarkable
collection of works.

Has played as support to :
Raiden; Dylan, Audio, Dom&Roland; Gridlok;Tech Itch;
The Panacea;Counterstrike;Noisia; Teebee;Curent Value,
Evol Intent,Fanu,Dieselboy,Dillinja,Aaron Spectre, RobynChaos and many
many more…


on CD::
Ogonek&Cooh - "Fem'02"- Bootleg CD (2002)
Ogonek&Cooh - "Sick of Amen" - Bootleg CD (2002)
Ogonek&Cooh - "Beauty" - Bootleg CD (2002)
Ogonek&Cooh - "Drum And Bass Massacre" - Bootleg CD (2003)
Ogonek&Cooh - "After Coma" - Bootleg CD (2003)
EASTERN SOUND ARCHITECTS Vol. 1: East-European Drum'n'Bass Compilation CD
- Cooh & Black Science Project - Mirage / Cooh - Fear (2004)
Respect 7 compilation - Cooh feat. CA2Key & OTM - Like An Angel - VIP

on Vinyl::

1.Diode&Cooh - Cylcone / Diode - Final Night (Signal Recordings) (2005)
2.Diode&Cooh - Bonkers / Diode - Spoken Word (Signal Recordings) (2005)
3.Odity&Cooh - Gnome Kill / Odity&Cooh - Dark Seeds (Signal Recordings) (2005)
4.Odity&Cooh - Gnome Kill (GPK Remix) (Signal Recordings) (2005)
5.Psychofreud&Sunjammer - Murda Dem /Cooh -Murda Dem(Bass Rejects) (2006)
6.HARM * - Scary / HARM - Scary (GAIN)(2006)
7.Cooh - Remaker / Redeyes - Rivers Of Dub (TOV music) (2006)
8.Here Comes The Trouble EP - Cooh - Meet Me (TOV music) (2006)
9.Unfinished Business vol 2 EP - Cooh - Seen (TOV music) (2006)
10.Cooh - Love In Cage / Cooh - Breath Stop (G2) (2006)
11.Tomic & Barracuda - Kill 'em all / Kill 'em all (Cooh Remix) (G2) (2007)
12.Cooh - Ganja Lighter / Cooh - Ganja DUB Lighter (Bass Rejects) (2007)
13.GPK - Most Henious (Cooh&Odity RMX) (REAPA) (2007)
14.Cooh - Dead Rock / Dead Rock (Audio RMX) (G2) (2007)
15.Cooh - Armeny / Black Sun Empire - monologue (Obsessions) (2007)
16.Cooh - Duuure / Ventil (Position Chrome) (2008)

17.Cooh - Be Blast / HARM - Head Stomp (PRSPCT) (2008)

18. Cooh - Noisy Sneaker / evolution of mind EP / (Sinuous) (2008)

Digital :

Cooh&Vengeanze - Pussy debra (HABIT digital)

Cooh - Troyan / Durven / Apregat / Lowride (OFFKEY Stomana EP )

Cooh - Alord / Everdream (Subsistenz) (2008)

Balkansky - Silence , deetoreto , Comming Down (Subtrakt Dieliverance EP) (2008)

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