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Born in Kingston, Jamaica, to a Jamaican father and British mother on January 30th, 1985, Nicholas Anson Murray was born with an unbridled passion for music coursing through his veins. One day, while in his room listening to a song by Culture entitled Jah Jah See Dem a Come (I&I a Conqueror), he was inspired to dub himself Conkarah because of his unbridled determination to conquer the world through music. Since then Conkarah has been fulfilling his mission, spreading the positive vibes of reggae music to the world.

After successfully completing his studies at the University of West Virginia on a soccer scholarship, Conkarah returned to Jamaica to pursue his dream of becoming a recording artist. Almost immediately his immense talent was recognized and he linked up with legendary producer Donovan Germain of Penthouse Records who recorded his first single Rude Boy Love on the hugely successful Automatic riddim.

Always inquisitive with a taste for adventure, Conkarah traveled to the UK to explore the other side of his heritage. Still striving to manifest his musical dreams, Conkarah collaborated with various European producers, notably Drifta which brought the powerful song Run Away. England was also his first meaningful stage experience, performing live band and track shows at several top venues in the UK. Although he was encouraged by his nascent success and was enjoying the positive feedback from numerous venues, promoters, and flocks of new fans, he felt a void. Conkarah knew deep down that Jamaica, the heart and soul of reggae music, the land of his birth was, where he needed to be.

Back on the island, Conkarah quickly attracted the attention of several successful producers including Danny Browne and Niko ‘Lifeline’ Browne. This father-son duo produced Conkarah’s deeply moving and captivating reggae love anthem - Forever - Conkarah’s official debut single. The partnership with Niko Browne also yielded the big tune No Barbershop on the Rockfort Rock riddim. The initial success of these songs led to collaborations with popular female recording artist Denyque on a track entitled Addicted as well as with international dancehall superstar Mr. Vegas on a track entitled A little Love.

After this studio success, Conkarah was booked to perform with a live band on the main stage of Reggae Sumfest 2012 – the festival’s 20th Anniversary and Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of Independence alongside international super stars Damien ‘Junior Gong’ Marley, Chris Martin and Trey Songz.

Conkarah followed up this live performance success by dropping the single entitled Island Girl, recorded on the Corner Shop riddim, whose accompanying music video went viral.

Currently the 28-year-old musician is on tour in Europe – London (where he teamed up with UK producer David ‘Ezra’ Howells to produce the wildly popular tune Heavey, a dubstep/reggae fusion song), Holland, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland.

Summer, 2013 Conkarah released his highly anticipated EP Lovaboy/Rudeboy which landed him a show in New Orleans in front of a sold out crowd of 375 people!

As reggae music continues to create new sounds and fusions to conquer the hearts of music lovers across the world, Conkarah is moving into full gear to be in the forefront of this dynamic movement.

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