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  • Hall of Fame a.k.a. The Great Thank You List a.k.a. Credits

    1. Jul. 2012, 21:12 von LadyElvina

    i just LOVE space music! preferably (but not necessary) black or death metal and sub-genres, blackgaze, ambient etc. So if you know some awesome space music, please share with me, and end up on my Hall of Fame List! ;) I love recommendations! ^^

    This is a feeble attempt to keep track which brilliant new discoveries i got from where, and of course to give some credits where it's due ^^ I know i probably have too much time on my hands on a midsummer sunday evening, but after all i'm just a nerd cleverly disguised as a charming girl :}

    I tried to keep it timely ordered, but it may not be entirely correct. I have only mentioned recommendations i find really worthy while the same person has often recommended more :P I hope i didn't miss anyone? If so, please feel free to remind me. Also, some people might be mentioned who never have recommended me anything personally. This means i have found their music library to be a gold mine and dug out something from there ;)