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Tim Wright exhibited musical aspirations at the tender age of 3, singing self-penned songs into a portable cassette recorder. Through the Seventies & early Eighties, he underwent formal piano training and wrote songs for a handful of short lived pop/electro bands…

The late Eighties saw Wright's career really gain pace, penning memorable and often award winning compositions for over 50 computer and videogames beginning with freelance work on Commodore Amiga titles. He then went onto work full time at Psygnosis Ltd. (Now SCEE) on projects such as Lemmings, Wipeout, Wipeout 2097 and Colony Wars.

Leaving Psygnosis in '97, Wright was pivotal in the formation of Jester Interactive Ltd, with the intention of bringing music creation and mixing to the masses on Sony's original PlayStation console. Highly innovative and easy to use, the simply-titled "MUSIC" received many industry awards and accolades, and spawned five more incarnations before Wright finally departed in search of pastures new.

In 2003, Wright formed his own multimedia company called Tantrumedia Ltd, an outlet for all his creative aspirations, web space provision, website creation, software production, design & print and, of course, music. Indeed, Wright's enduring love of song writing lead him to set up a website to host much of his musical output under the name CoLD SToRAGE.

2005 was a busy year for Wright. As well as releasing his long awaited CoLD SToRAGE double album "MELT", he designed a brand new version of the Dance & HipHop eJay music software for Empire Interactive, and made a welcome return to Wipeout, this time for the Sony PSP with Wipeout Pure.

2006 saw Wright create more music for games, this time on Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and PC for forthcoming titles, along with continued success for Tantrumedia Ltd. in the form of website creation and business service provision.

CoLD SToRAGE hits the ripe old age of 40 in 2007.

2008 sees Wright release his much awaited second album, "ANDROID CHILD" whilst still Managing Tantrumedia Ltd. and developing a new range of eJay Software for Empire Interactive.

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