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“Your record is going to have the sound of the place where you are from”, the producer, Tobias Fröberg, said on the first day of recording. He was thinking about Northern Norway. Dramatic and dynamic. The extreme darkness, the extreme light. -It became a mantra for me to dare to let go. Everything doesn’t have to be beautiful. Let the light become more beautiful by adding some of the darkness that you carry inside. Tobias has helped me do that and he raised the bar. From day one he said “This is going to be a world record”. –The fact that he dared to say that felt so liberating, Christel Alsos says.

The third album “Presence” was recorded in a 300 year old house at Gotland (SE) . – Many people have lived their lives there, there are stories was in the walls. The house and the countryside gave me the peace I needed to write and to dive deeper into my inner self to find out I wanted to say. When I am in the city I constantly observe my surroundings, I compare myself to others and I get distracted. In that old house there were nowhere to go. I was forced to face myself in a way.

Christel’s often melancolic sound isn’t all filled with sorrow. -Personally I feel that the melancoly does me good, I don’t get sad, even if the music can be described that way. I feel that the melancoly and my songs are very hopeful.

When Christel Alsos made her debut in 2007 she was a breath of fresh air in the Norwegian music scene. The talented girl from up north managed to mesmerize the audience with her distinctive voice and melanolic melodies. Her debut album, “Closing the distance” sold to Platinum and Christel was nominated for three Grammy Awards in Norway. Her second album “Tomorrow is” followed in 2010 and gave her another Grammy nomination.

Growing up in Fauske, Christel started to sing and perform at home at an early age. – I come from a family where music is a natural part of our everyday lives. She grew up with her mom, sister and grandmother singing in choirs and her guitar loving dad. – I used to sing with my mother when she practised at home and my dad taught me how to play the guitar. She sais that she’s always had an urge to sing and use her voice and she used to record herself with an old tape recorder at a very early age. – I can’t remember when I began to sing, I just always have.

Her philosphy is that everyone walks around with an imaginary shield around them. And her goal is to manage to penetrate that shield with her music. -I want to reach out, make people feel something, give them goosebumps, move them. If I manage to do so, that’s when I feel like I am really doing something important and meaningful by singing and writing songs.

Christel Alsos Facts

• Christel Alsos Monsen (b. 20.12.84), known under the artist name Christel Alsos, from Fauske, Nordland, Norway.
• Her first release was the single “Come on” in 2006.
• Her debut album “Closing the Distance” was released January 15th 2007 sold 30.000 copies (Platinum) in three months, making her one of the best selling artists in Norway that year.
• She has been nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Awards four times: Best music video for “Come on” in 2006, Best New Artist in 2007, Best female artist for the album “Closing the distance” in 2007 and Best female artist for the album “Tomorrow is” in 2010.
• The song “Still” (Closing the distance) was featured in the Tyler Perry movie “Why did I get married too”, featuring Janet Jackson as one of the actors in 2010.
• “When the light dies out” (Closing the distance) and “Found” (Presence) has been featured on “The Vampire Diaries” (US).


Closing the Distance (2007), Sony Music/Columbia

Tomorrow is (2010), Sony Music/Columbia

Presence (2013), Sony Music/Columbia

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