• Surprise! Surprise! It's A Microindie Surprise!

    22. Jun. 2006, 5:45 von autumnsweaters

    I hate it when I wake up early and I still miss the shuttle. I also hate it when I wake up late and then I don't miss the shuttle. Like this morning. I've been having a really bad day today. But then I come home to this:

    Trying To Think 7" by Trinitone
    All The Time 7" by Solarium
    If The Stars Aren't Enough 7" by Grayson Lane
    Archipellago 7" by Cuppa Joe
    Letters Home 7" by The Imaginary Friend
    Whimsy 7" by The Imaginary Friend
    Searchlight 7" by Super Falling Star
    The Water's Electric 7" by Landis
    The End Of April 7" by Bobsy
    Skittle Breath 7" by The Utensils
    Shifting Sands 7" by The Mabels
    3AM 7" by Matt Love
    Love Talking To Boys 7" by Marble Index
    Long 7" by Majestic 12
    Lost And Found 7" by Majestic 12
    Asleep EP by Postal Blue
    Rampion EP by The Electrosonics
    I Was Lonely 'Til I Found You by Bart and Friends
    Now Where Was I? by Mark Narkowicz
    Air Formation by Air Formation
    The Sound Of Changing Places by Hydroplane
  • Show Preview: A3C 2006: Atlanta, GA, The Loft

    19. Feb. 2006, 23:23 von kry716

    In an unprecendented move for my last.fm journal, I'm going to do a show preview. For a couple reasons. First of all, it's a very big show (or should I say "event") so it probably deserves a little prelude. Secondly, I haven't written much useful here in a while and there aren't any big shows planned between now and the end of March, so I might as well take up some space here.

    The A3C is a three day independent hip-hop festival held in Midtown Atlanta at the Loft and put together by ArcTheFinger Records (which means I get in for free). The innagural outing was last year, but I was unable to attend as it fell during spring break of my senior year in college, so I was enjoying myself out in California. But I'll be around for it this year. Last year's event included about 20-25 acts and was, from all accounts, a pretty big success (after all, it made it to year two). However, it will be even bigger and better this time around. …