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Catastrofear was established in the end of 2006 by Rob, Zeppelin and Wolf. The band was complete by the getting in of Roly and Andy in spring 2007. A lot of song material was already available in the middle of 2007, so they started test exposures and the demo CD “Chaos D-mos” was released. After that Catastrofear performed the first live-gig. In the end of 2007 the band consisted and did handicraft in the first album. The completely own-produced work "Endless Error" was finished in summer 2008. The band concentrates predominantly upon their live gigs and was already Co-Headliner of Vomitory or Disbelief.

Catastrofear is:
Catastrofear is not a birthday party. Rather the opposite. The five guys beat their equipment hard, brutal and relentless, so the live-audience has no chance to breathe anymore. The boundless deep shouting and growling of Roly the front man, makes the ground shaking. Catastrofear creates a unique atmosphere with its harsh sound. Heavy, complacent, black and dark the Death-Metal-avalanche rolls out of the boxes, to break down everything. Although classic old-school mid-tempo death-metal is the main part of the character, thrashy riffs boost the songs. The songs are riddled with quick, technically adept and beautiful, memorable melody arches. Exactly this makes the whole slightly dusty, retro-cool character.

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