• Mix Tape

    16. Okt. 2008, 16:32 von DiscordantOne

    I recently worked for a friend of mine, Steve, who almost exclusively listens to jazz. He has the same passion for music that most of us on this site have, but he keeps it in one genre. (By the way, he is not on this site, because his wife banned him from their computer. He invited too many viruses and spyware with his excessive downloading.)

    Steve had just returned from a trip to Oakland were he visited an old friend of his. He was introduced to various indie and "alternative" bands and was very excited to tell me about it. He said to me, "For example, have you ever heard of Yo La Tengo?" You can imagine my smile. My history with YLT started in 1995 with Electr-o-pura.

    Keeping in mind that Steve is a jazz aficionado who does not know what is out there right now (or recently) in the indie and electronica scene, I made him a playlist. He enjoyed it, and I did, too. So, I decided to share it here with anyone who cares.