• By Heart's Debut Album out now!

    7. Mai. 2008, 9:04 von joergpeters

    i just wanted to let you know that By Heart just released their debut album Exit Signs.
    It contains 10 songs including their recently released single The Astronaut (A Flash Of Light) and the previously unreleased track Into The Arms of Strangers.

    The Astronaut (A Flash of Light)´

    Their sound is often being compared to bands like U2, Keane, Coldplay, Snow Patrol and One Night Only.
  • New loves...

    23. Nov. 2006, 10:49 von LilHan

    Hello everyone. Hope you are all ok. I have found a great place to meet the like-minded music lovers I crave. I found people who have the exact same "taste" as me and I never thought it was possible :)

    I have been listening to a variety (as always) of stuff recently. Some of these you can see and others you can't. I have found a new love in Bruce Springsteen this week. My dad always played his records but I never really sat and listened properly...I was blown away by Lonesome Day and Mary's Place from 'The Rising' album and the whole of 'Born To Run' is fabulous. You probably think I am a bit slow on the uptake with him but I honestly never thought about him as a musical staple in my diet. I suppose he must've been in some way - dad played him A LOT!!!

    I have also rediscovered my love for Jeff Buckley this month. The man was a amazing. He would've been 40 earlier this month. I love The Last Goodbye and Lover, You Should've Come Over because they are so emotional and beautiful.