• Songs I wish I could press 'Love' at least twice for...

    2. Aug. 2009, 19:39 von brass_souvenir

  • 2008 review

    23. Nov. 2008, 21:53 von jamesdcody

    Top Ten Albums Of The Year:

    1. Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid


    Simply put this is one of the most beautiful records you may ever hear. The Seldom Seen Kid is Elbows forth studio album and was totally self produced and is also the winner of this years Mercury Music Prize (and well deserved too). The Seldom seen kid is actually one of Elbows old friends and fellow Manchester musician Bryan Glancy who sadly passed away and the album is dedicated to his memory.

    The record starts off with Starlings Which begins with a wall of noise before the most melodic and tuneful piano and drums come in to show elbow at there finest. Guy Garvey sings "The violence explode inside me when i meet your eyes, Then I'm spinning and diving like a cloud of starlings. Darling is this love?" an absolute tune, some of the best lyrics i've ever heard (What an Opener!). Next we pick up pace with The Bones of You(One of the songs…
  • BSP: From Scapa Flow

    29. Mär. 2008, 17:20 von tkdcoach

    Fri 28 Mar – British Sea Power

    I had a great time at this show as the lads from Brighton (by way of Cumbria and greater Manchester) performed the entirety of "Do You Like Rock Music?" as well as material from their prior releases at 's Phoenix Hill Tavern in front of around 300 locals. The main room at Phoenix Hill Tavern is arranged with the stage facing the side of the long hall--it's intimate to say the least. BSP opened their set with Atom, and before long had played all the singles from DYLRM? (Waving Flags, Canvey Island). An interesting choice I felt as those are the tunes I expected them to play later in the show. Perhaps my favorite song was the instrumental, The Great Skua. Other highlights were Spirit Of St. Louis (you could tell they were excited as the next night's gig was to be at St. Louis), No Lucifer, Lights Out For Darker Skies.

    BSP, in short, are phenomenal in person. Despite the snarly staff at PHT --which hasn't changed in 30 years. …
  • Die Kraft der britischen See

    24. Feb. 2008, 19:35 von XredstarX

    Mi., 20. Feb. – British Sea Power, Sir Simon Battle

    Ein schmächtiger junger Mann betritt die Bühne, macht sich an einigen Kabeln zu schaffen und zieht einen ipod aus der Tasche. Ist das etwa...?

    Ja, genau, dieser junge Mann ist die Vorband. Sir Simon Battle, wie sich die Band nennt, ist leider nur zu einem Viertel anwesend. Der junge Mann versucht zu erklären: "Ich bekam am Freitag einen Anruf von British Sea Power, ob wir nicht die kleine Deutschlandtour supporten wollen. Leider war es nicht möglich, die Band so schnell zusammenzubekommen."
    Er selbst spielt auf einer elektrischen Gitarre und singt dazu. Das klingt nicht schlecht. Als dann bei einigen Stücken noch der Rest der Band aus dem ipod erklingt, da macht Sir Simon Battle durchaus Lust auf mehr.

    Nach einer guten halben Stunde räumt die Ein-Mann-Band das Feld für die großen Jungs. British Sea Power geben sich die Ehre. Vom Band erklingt der Opener des neuen Albums. Die fünf Jungs begeben sich auf die Bühne. Unterstützung erhalten sie von einer Violinistin. …
  • British Sea Power, London [UK], 31/01/08

    1. Feb. 2008, 0:29 von citrusmantis

    Thu 31 Jan – British Sea Power, These New Puritans, John & Jehn, Eamon Hamilton

    Here's the ears-still-ringing review. Fuck me.

    It was nice to meet up with some Ateasers for this gig. First on the stage were John & Jehn, a guy and a girl from France who played pretty good stuff. Some of it was dancepunky, some of it was more shoegazey...and the guy had legs that moved totally at odds with his body, which was maybe the best thing about the whole lot.

    Eamon from Brakes played a short little acoustic set which played up all his weirdness and less of his talents. Shame really, cos I really fucking love Brakes. Oh well.

    These New Puritans were shouty, samey and pretty boring. The cameras trained on the stage started fucking up midway through their set - 'the power of the Wire pastiche' said cnc, sagely. The lead singer wore a suit of armour, but that was about it.

    And then came British Sea Power. I can now declare myself officially in love with Yan, especially since he wore his amazing nearly-says-cunt shirt again. …