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  • Bon Jovi addict, hai der.

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    Okay, so, I've never actually written a journal entry on Last.fm before, but this one is centred around music so I guess it's fitting for here. Right?

    Anyway, I went to Scarborough today with my German class and our exchange partners, and basically doped around on the beach for a bit whilst Ben abducted Stieg, my iPod, and forced me to listen to Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon and Seaside Rendezvous, because he's mental-obsessed with Queen and he therefore decided that torturing his friend's poor, innocent, depleted-of-battery-power iPod to play a Queen album at almost full volume was a good idea. I snatched Stieg back pretty fast after those two songs were done.

    Anyway, I also went shopping (looking for a retro vinyl store called Record Revivals, which turned out to be closed on Sundays, bah), and found Undiscovered Soul and This Left Feels Right, both of which I will be listening the living shit out of tomorrow no doubt when I go to get my ear pierced (skipping extra German…
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  • Bon Jovi Awards 2000-2009

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    Best Studio Album

    The Circle
    Have A Nice Day
    Lost Highway

    Best Compilation Album

    100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong
    This Left Feels Right
    One Wild Night Live

    Best Overall Song

    Last Man Standing
    Love's The Only Rule
    Superman Tonight
    Whole Lot Of Leavin'
    Any Other Day
    This Is Love This Is Life
    Walk Like A Man
    I Am
    When We Were Beautiful
    It's My Life
    Just Older
    Mystery Train
    Have A Nice Day
    The Distance
    Next 100 Years
    Learn To Love
    Hook Me Up
    One Wild Night

    Best B-Side / Demo

    Kidnap An Angel
    The One That Got Away
    Dirty Little Secret
    Postcards From The Wasteland

    Best DVD

    Live From Madison Square Garden
    This Left Feels Right Live
    The Crush Tour
    Lost Highway Live

    Best Music Video

    Whole Lot Of Leavin'
    It's My Life
    Have A Nice Day
    Make A Memory
    Say It Isn't So
    Welcome To Wherever You Are

  • Top 1000 Albums (1970-2009) - Part I (2000-2009)

    23. Nov. 2009, 12:42 von Funkafonik

    Alright, as we near the end of this first Y2K decade, it's time to take a look back at all the best Albums that have been released in the last 40+ years.

    I'll start off this extensive research with 2000, up until 2009. I'll then go back to 1980, all the way up to 1999, to then wrap things up with the 70s and before.

    I'll be choosing my Top 25 Albums for each year; an ordered Top 10, and ~15 others worth mentioning. I'm also considering the live albums and EPs (~5), but they have their own section since songs on these have usually been released on official releases. The final result will be a Top 1000 for Official Albums, and Top ~250 for Live/EP albums.

    These are general rankings of how I see them today, but note that I haven't necessarily discovered and enjoyed all these albums on their released years, some I discovered years later. So these are also based on how important (to me) some of these albums were at the time.

    (**) are the complete albums I was into at that time;
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  • This left DOES NOT feel right

    23. Jan. 2009, 13:53 von edimervaldo

    Review: Bon Jovi - This Left Feels Right


    Bon Jovi is a good band, they made very good songs and, when you look to the tracklist, you imagine this will be a good album. But it's completely the opposite.

    It starts with a strange and horrible version for Wanted Dead or Alive with a boring guitar riff. Then you face a terrible version Livin' on a Prayer. The original song is probably one of their Top5, but this version is surely in Bottom5. This song makes you angry and want to push the stop button as fast as possible.

    But, let's go on. Then you find miserable versions of Bad Medicine, It's My Life and Lay Your Hands on Me, where all the energy of these songs are lost and they're transformed into tasteless ballads.

    You Give Love a Bad Name probably is the only good song in the album, as the blues version (even if worse than the original) is rather pleasant.

    Then we go with Bed Of Roses without its main feature (the opening guitar solo), more energyless versions of powerful songs (Everyday
  • Bon Jovi - This Left Feels Right

    27. Okt. 2007, 0:29 von CharisL

    Sooo I decided to give the full album a listen the other day after having it for some time.

    Bon Jovi - This Left Feels Right

    1. Wanted Dead or Alive - Opening song, I really like this one though, the chorus sounds quite nice and the vocals are quite good on this, although not as good as the original. The background music is quite good also. 8/10.

    Livin' on a Prayer - Vocals seem all over the place on this one, higher and lower, anything goes. Background music is quite mellow on this and I like that alot, shame about the vocals. 6/10.

    3. Bad Medicine - This song really really works if you aren't familiar with the original version, but as this is a variation of one of their more popular songs, the chances are that you already know of this. The chorus is quite good, and the music and vocals go well if you can get past the fact that this song really is meant to be fast paced. 7/10.

    4. It's My Life - One of my least favourite song on the whole album. …