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Black rain was the post -industrial punk group formed downtown as 1988- went into 1989.

The group made our sound, gigged - postering , spraybombing BR symbols across downtown, moving from end to end of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, shot video w super artist Michael Benson.

One symbol can be seen on the Biohazard album cover, painted on a rusting wall.
We played C Squat with spark flying , CBGB's, set fire onstage at The Bank on Houston St., ABC NO RIO also the T Sq. Park Anniversary of the riots surrounded by NY Police just waiting to clear the crowd at concert's end time.
We had stowed our misc metal pieces to give the audience, they continued that metal beat as cops fumed.

In 1995 we released the album"1.0" featuring original music we composed for Robert Longo's "Jonny Mnemonic" (Sony) and William Gibson's "Neuromancer" Audio Book (TimeWarner)
on DC's Fifth Column Records. Followed in 1996 by "nanarchy" also on FCR. w/ guitarist Satoru Ito

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