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  • Jahre aktiv

    2007 – heute (10 Jahre)

  • Gegründet

    Barcelos, Braga, Portugal

Coming from the unexpected musically prolific small city of Barcelos, Black Bombaim are three guys that grew up together exchanging records, amidst bucolic landscapes of portuguese countryside and excessive drug experiences, playing outer-space jams, from planets yet to be discovered.

Taking Sleep’s Dopesmoker as a reference, today’s Black Bombaim are more than just heavy drugs. A little like medical marijuana, the trio formed by Tojo Rodrigues, Paulo Senra and Ricardo Miranda knows the origins of the word “psychedelia”, after sharing the stage with the likes of Kyuss Lives, White Hills, Radio Moscow, Electric Wizard, Russian Circles, Gnod, Notorious Hi Fi Killers or more recently, the catalan psych act CUZO.

If “Saturdays and Space Travels” (Lovers & Lollypops, 2010) already foreseen great journeys, “Titans” – recorded in Meifumado Studios and mastered at Golden Mastering (Melvins, Sonic Youth, Om) in California – is the confirmation of a band that lives from the strenght and determination of surgical improvisation, the ambience of a doped up bass, the power of reckless drumming and wailing fuzz-wah drenched guitars and keys.

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