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  • Jahre aktiv

    1998 – heute (26 Jahre)

  • Gegründet

    Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland

Founded during a performance of the legendary Guitar Wolf in the autumn of '98 and based on the credo "We can do what they do!", Bettie Ford looks back on the last ten years of Rock 'n' Roll. Chaotic was the beginning, with instruments randomly assigned. A non-musician was trained to become the bass player, solely due to his likeness to Mike Ness, and their first show was played in front of an audience of more than eight hundred people in a sold-out Batschkapp in Frankfurt.

The coming years lead to shows with bands like Zen Guerilla, Hard-Ons, Hanson Brothers, Flaming Sideburns and even their founding fathers Guitar Wolf. Then, in 2003, the impossible happened! The band received a record deal from Punk 'n' Drunk Recordings, the rock label of ZYX Music. Grasping the chance, the band laid down fifteen tracks at Studio 45 under the guidance of Blackmail's Kurt Ebelhäuser, creating their debut recording "League of Fools", which has sold over 1,500 copies to date.

After the official release, the Cologne "fairy tale of rock 'n' roll" started to build up speed and the band, that started as a drink 'n' fun group, became a regularly-booked support act for bands like The Bones, Dogs D'Amour, The Boss Hoss and Psychopunch, while increasingly entering the role as headliner on stage. Late in 2007, Bettie Ford found themselves on tour in Russia, where they were greeted by overwhelming fan response.

Due to job and health related issues, the band setup changed in 2005 and 2006. Returning to Studio 45 with Kurt Ebelhäuser, the renewed lineup went on to record their second studio effort "Singapore Sling", which will be released on Crafty Recordings, a subdivision of PIAS, in April of 2008.

Bettie Ford loves to Rock with capital R!

It doesn't matter if it's in front of three, three hundred, or three thousand people, the band simply loves to be on stage and play their music, inspiring audiences to thank the boys with enthusiastic applause and demands for more! This passion to play has contributed to the continued success of Bettie Ford, who have managed to gather a loyal and expanding fan base, while keeping that down-to-the-earth attitude that lead to their initial popularity.

In addition to the release of "Singapore Sling", the boys are planning another tour of Russia and Japan, along with plenty of other concert and festival performances.

They won't stop rocking 'til the liquor of the world's run dry!

They are on their way to Rock City!!

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