• Best Coast: The Only Place

    15. Mai. 2012, 11:16 von ChesterWhelks

    Published Hyar: http://treblezine.com/reviews/4080-Best_Coast_The_Only_Place.html

    Bethany Cosentino bounces back into our lives all irrepressibly upbeat, and full of wonder at the "mountains, birds, ocean, trees," and having "fun, fun, fun," but there's no T-Bird Time-Out from Daddy for this California Girl. You Californians are so damn cheery. You've "got the ocean, got the babes, got the sun, got the wav(v)es." "Why would you live anywhere else?" Bethany questions. I mentally flick through alliteration-heavy, bile-coated put downs I've had time to amass due to a life predominantly spent indoors in one of the UK's rainiest habitations that chance has planted me, my only tan coming from glowering at your dimpled, sun-kissed mugs on TV, and I huff, and I puff, and get ready to give you and your monosyllabic California Tourist Board anthem what-for... aw, but who am I kidding? The best that Best Coasthad to offer has survived the promotional campaigns…