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  • Geboren in

    London, England, Vereinigtes Königreich

Growing up, music was the centre point of Benny L’s life. After learning a range of instruments, from drums, the piano, trumpet and even the violin, he dedicated some of his most formative years to perfecting his craft.

The first drum & bass tune Benny ever feasted on was Dillinja’s ‘Nasty Ways’, which instantly snared him with its hard-hitting sounds. He was captivated by Dillinja’s style and he was instantly gripped by the entirety of his back catalog. DJ Hazard also had a resounding influence throughout Benny’s path to notoriety and watching the infamous DJ Randall taught him exactly how a DJ should handle the decks. Dropping tracks at the right time and not being scared to hold back was something he adopted from the heavyweight, pedaling more of an impact in the mix instead of trying to get the next tune out as quickly as possible. This is can even be seen today, at the likes of drum & bass mecca Let it Roll festival in Prague, where he was a staple on the lineup.

After being discovered by Audioporn head honcho and pivotal drum & bass player Shimon, through good friends Ross and Dan from Mediks at his time in Bristol, his first track ‘Speakers Vibrate’ landed in Shimon’s inbox. The ‘Granulate’ EP followed suit, as well as the definitive ‘Thunder’ which firmly put him on the map via Audioporn. And since releasing ‘Low Blow’ on the likes of the historic imprint Metalheadz, with its rolling drums and formulaic old school rhythms, Benny has proved the pages are still turning. For a producer and DJ just beginning his career, he’s already planted a seismic crater within the sphere of drum & bass.

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