• Guitar Idol, UK. CONTEST! VOTE! Rustin Hiatt!

    24. Apr. 2008, 9:33 von Dasr

    Rustin Hiatt has entered an online competition at Guitar Idol, UK. I would urge you to vote for Rustin Hiatt's entry at Guitar Idol, UK. Please follow the link to his voting page (http://www.guitar-idol.co.uk/rustin-hiatt). You will have to register to vote.

    But why should we vote for him you ask? Especially after you've chummed us in with tags. I am sorry for that, but how many times have you followed a tag for a less worthy cause.

    If you know me, you know I know what I am talking about when I say someone is an amazing artist. Rustin Hiatt is such a musician. Listen to him, you'll see what I mean. If the music doesn't persuade you, then I offer this.

    Want to stick it to some contest-whore guitarists who believe the faster they play the better the musician they are. Till every note runs together and becomes so cliche that it isn't about good music, or even good musicianship. It's all about being redundant and even more repetitive. Because heaven forbid we should hear something fresh and new.