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ANOTHER PERFECT DAY was founded back in 1993 with a classic band line up and was quite active in the German death metal underground at that time. Already at this time the band classified its sound as a mix between melodic Gothenburg death metal and melancholic British doom death metal. Plans were made to record the debut album in 1997. But the band split up right before the recordings. The only audio clips left from this time are three songs which eventually were about the be used as bonus tracks on future albums.

After the split up, songwriter, guitar player and singer Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner concentrated on his work as studio and live musician, but above all on his work as producer which resulted in opening Kohlekeller Studios. After numerous productions (for bands like SIEGES EVEN, CREMATORY, FLOWING TEARS, BENIGHTED, POWERWOLF) the idea came up to transfer the music of ANOTHER PERFECT DAY to the new millenium by using the new technical possibilities and with a decent degree of sophistication in forms of a solo project.

In 2005 the two songs were composed spontaneously ("the lullaby", "the ghost, she slept beside me") which marked the new beginning of ANOTHER PERFECT DAY. The first euophoric reactions and finally the contact to Supreme Chaos Records were the reason for the decision to work out a detailed album. Because SCR focused on sophisticated music of remarkable artists, soon preparations for the release of the debut album "The Gothenburg Post Scriptum" were made. But it should took 2 more years before all recordings were finished and all guests could be invited to contribute an individual part for this album. Anyway the result exceeds all expectations.

So the debut album from ANOTHER PERFECT DAY will be released in 2010. 13 years later, but stronger, more mature and more profound than once planned. You could expect nothing less but a top-notch piece of music which combines Swedish melodic death metal with modern and progressive rock parts.

Kohle is right now working on the new EP scheduled for early 2011.

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