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Alex was born in a small industrial city. He started his way from learning the guitar basics. Soon after that Alex created his very first music band where he took the guitar part and tried to sing other people's songs. But something didn't work out, and the band got separated after a few years. Alex realized one simple thing - just playing the guitar isn't enough for him.

Friends invited Alex to join Christian church - and he supposed this was one of the most important moments in his life, this place and people helped him learn how to sing and understand music. At the same time Alex’ drummer friend offered him a chance to take part in the band. Unfortunately, nobody was taking Alex’ ideas seriously so he decided to leave - so did the bass player, too. He started creating his own songs and soon he and the bass player created a band - the Plags.

They used to play for a long time, had plenty of concerts, even cut an album. But Alex still had a feeling that something is missing. Soon after that he made a decision to change the music style and created "Heartway" band. He wanted something fresh so he took the piano part instead the guitar. After making a couple of records came an understanding that the band needs to move on and that the music requires some investments.

The solution came up quickly - Alex travelled around the world with his guitar to earn some money for the new album. During his journey he met people who share his ideas about the music. Thanks to them Alex started creating music again, and this process ended up with the album filled with his thoughts and emotions.

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