• Spoils of Past Six Months

    7. Jul. 2012, 12:38 von l3xforever

    Today, on this hot sultry day, I have a couple of hours to share my thoughts on bunch of music I got in last half a year. Most of it was from wonderful Game Music Bundle, but I also got some other interesting stuff. So, let's start with it.

    And as alway, beware of lots and lots of album covers in this post.

    General Music
    Barbara Helfgott & Rondo Vienna
    Maniac Violins Vol.1 - ★★★☆☆ - 7digital
    I actually bought it for a friend of mine, but I got to listen to it and it's pretty good. My only complaint is actually a vocals in some of the tracks. It's not on par with the violins mastery.

    骨董店 『Mystique』 ~或る画家の肖像~ - ★★★★☆
    So what do you know? I actually got to sort out my physical Audio CDs and the 骨董店 『Mystique』 album that I was importing last year turned out to be a limited edition single! #50 at that. …
  • Nobuooo February '10 - Highest Voted Items

    9. Mär. 2010, 16:53 von jeriaska

    The Nobuooo news website takes a look at the most read, voted and tweeted items for February 2010.

    This past month Garry Schyman scored BioShock 2, a soundtrack album was announced for ThatGameCompany's Flower, Akira Yamaoka joined Grasshopper Manufacture, and the Korg DS-10 Plus software debuted.

    These are a selection of items from 2.10.


    Fan-Fueled Retro Game Revival - Comic Market 77

    Comiket attracts hundreds of thousands of amateur artists from all over Japan. This GameSetWatch report takes a look at the remixed videogame music of Comic Market 77, including interviews with the participants.


    Flower soundtrack announced

    Coming soon, That Game Company will be releasing the original soundtrack for Flower composed by Vincent Diamante. The soundtrack has been remastered and mixed specifically for the release, and more details will be announced in the near future on the official Playstation Blog.


  • Nobuooo November '09 - Highest Voted Items

    2. Dez. 2009, 21:09 von jeriaska

    Once again here is another monthly recap of the highest voted and most read news stories on videogame music posted to the Nobuooo website.

    November 2009 saw the Data Beez chiptune micro tour take place on the West Coast. 2 Player Productions posted their first episode of Penny Arcade TV. Hiroki Kikuta and Hitoshi Sakimoto shared a conversation on writing RPG music for the Super Nintendo. Soundtracks for Tekken 6 and Aquaria were released online, together with Saitone's 8-bit MJ tribute and Machinarium's bonus EP.

    Here is a selection of the most highly rated and read items for November.


    Gaijin Games sponsoring Blip Festival 2009

    Gaijin Games plans to release Bit Trip Void in the U.S. on 11/23 as a Thanksgiving week gift for 600 Nintendo Points, writes GameSetWatch. The company also announced that it is sponsoring New York City's Blip Festival 2009 this December. Both Nullsleep and Bit.Shifter, who guest starred on Bit.Trip Core's soundtrack, are slated to perform at the three-day chiptune concert.
  • Nobuooo October '09 - Highest Voted Items

    7. Nov. 2009, 1:18 von jeriaska

    It's time again for a rundown of the highest voted and most read news stories on videogame music posted to the Nobuooo website.

    October 2009 saw continued coverage of the Tokyo Game Show and Persona Live in Velvet Room concert in Japan. Original soundtrack albums for Muramasa: The Demon Blade and Tekken 6 were announced. It was a good month for chip music as well, with debuts for Chiptuned Rockman, Wanna Hld Yr Handheld, and the Bit.Trip Beat soundtrack.


    Muramasa soundtrack announced

    Basiscape will be publishing an original soundtrack album for Muramasa on December 16 in Japan. The three-CD item will include an art booklet and original cover illustration, which is now viewable online. Sound producer for the game score is Hitoshi Sakimoto, composer on Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII.


    Persona Music, Live in Shinjuku - An Audio Report

    Gamasutra visits Persona Music Live at Wel City, Tokyo…
  • Nobuooo 3.09 - Highest Voted Stories

    9. Apr. 2009, 7:23 von jeriaska

    Here is a selection from among the highest rated and most viewed news stories on videogame music posted to the Nobuooo website during the month of March 2009. Find out what people voted for and commented on during the third month of the year.

    In March there were interviews with Masaya Matsuura of PaRappa, Takayuki Nakamura of LUMINES, and several contributors to OverClocked ReMix. Episode 26 of Into the Score arrived, Hey Listen had its third edition, and kt2 released a new song called "Arrival of Detectives."


    PlanetSkill's Clamato Fever @ GDC

    @genoboost of Game Music 4 All just tweeted this video of PlanetSkill live at the Game Developer's Conference. A remix of the main theme and Ken's theme from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, the soundtrack was put together by OverClocked ReMix


    Polytron Releases Second Fez Trailer

    No one voted for it, but news of the second Fez trailer attracted a lot of views. …
  • Nobuooo 1.09 Top Stories

    8. Apr. 2009, 5:18 von jeriaska

    Here is a selection from among the highest rated and most viewed news stories on videogame music posted to the Nobuooo website during the month of January 2009. Find out what people voted for, commented on, and tuned into at the very beginning of the year.

    In January there was a vote for the best music of 2008, a video documentary of 8-Bit Jesus, Higher Plain Music and Tenchu 4, the first samples from Final Fantasy XIII, and a Super Mario stage production featuring a cameo by Barack Obama. There were also interviews, free soundtrack downloads, and samples of upcoming game albums.


    Nobuooo 1.09: The Perfect High

    Delayed but not forgotten, for the January installment of the Nobuooo video series, Doctor Octoroc describes the process behind creating his acclaimed holiday chiptunes album 8-Bit Jesus, Sitorimon of Higher Plain Music provides an overview of his site's interview with SimAnimals composer Winifred Phillips, and Jeriaska provides another perspective on Noriyuki Asakura's score for Tenchu 4.