• Air Traffic - 25/9/07 - Electric Ballroom

    27. Sep. 2007, 22:25 von babu227

    Tue 25 Sep – Air Traffic

    This has actually been one of the most inspirational concerts I have been to in a long time
    There arent many bands that I will go through brutal toe-breaking, breath-lacking conditions for in my old age . But Air Traffic are 'up there' amongst those of Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire and Bloc Party in my 'seen live' books.

    Their support was ok I thought but maybe could have been better. Paul Steel really set the mood, and the second band, who I don't actually know the name of really got the crowd going with their Scottish charm

    So Air Traffic appeared on stage to a roar of cheers and a frantic push to the front and if I may say so myself, put on a jolly good show. Their carefully put arrangement of up-tempo and slow songs were great, interspersed with BRILLIANT new songs!

    The highlight for me was definitely No More Running Away. Jim and Tom accompanied Dave on extra sets of drums throughout the verses and first chorus. …