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  • Geburtstag

    17. Februar 1975 (45 Jahre alt)

  • Geboren in

    Gilching, Bayern, Deutschland

After a long break, Adrian Sieber releases his first solo EP «No Other Love». The singer and songwriter has already made a name for himself in Switzerland as the founding member of the Lovebugs. With his band he repeatedly stormed the charts and shared the stage with the Rolling Stones.

«No Other Love» sounds different from everything Adrian Sieber has released musically to date. On his five-track EP he combines pop, electro, new wave and trap, moving weightlessly between the genres like a tightrope walker. He collaborates with musicians from various styles, breaking with labels and conventions. What remains is a kaleidoscope of interpersonal warmth, distinctive melodies, grand emotions and surprising combinations. Adrian Sieber turns song fragments, rhythms and sound ideas upside down in order to put them back together and create something new and unique. He combines P-Funk bass lines, minimalist beats or rap with his unmistakable intuition for catchy tunes.

For “No Other Love”, Adrian Sieber started his own music venture; all five songs are released under the label «Some Of My Best Friends Are Songs». Five songs, some of which have been slumbering fragmentally in his drawer for years, only waiting for this moment to finally mature and blossom. Together with artists such as ThiefInTheNight and Svmthox, two musicians from the Hip-Hop and RnB scene, he unifies tradition and innovation, ventures beyond musical boundaries and thus creates his own new musical world.

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