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Abysmal Torment is a highly brutal/Technical Death Metal band from Malta formed in 2000 under the name Molested. Combining their genres with Deathgrind, and Goregrind, Abysmal Torment has pushed the boundaries of their chosen genres, and has become popular around Malta, and the United States. While their very first efforts were highly based on Disgorge, Abysmal Torment gradually progressed and developed their sound into a unique, innovative kind of music. Even suffering from poor media exposure, this band has been able to reach the highest peaks in their music, because of their unique vocalists.

After having released their MCD entitled Incised Wound Suicide and their first full length album entitled Epoch of Methodic Carnage, Abysmal Torment achieved countless praise from the underground scene and this kicked off to the confirmation of a full blast european tour. Abysmal Torment will also be headlining certain fests in this tour such as Ludwigshafen Deathfest, Drachten Deathfest and Slovak Deathfest.

Abysmal Torment are currently recording their 3rd album "OMNICIDE".

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