• My Last.fm Anniversary - a recap

    22. Aug. 2006, 23:27 von Serpent_axed

    I will be trying to explain how this place has altered my listening habits and perhaps shed a little light on the events that may have had an effect on my charts here. I guess it will be exactly one year here on Thursday. I have seen others give an overview or My review like my friend Phototropic and appreciate the insight

    I have been a member of Last.fm for exactly a year now and it seems appropriate for a journal. I joined at the end of my unemployment from a grocery warehouse. I was into bulletin boards like Stonerrock.com’s and Bungle fever which is where I first heard of last fm. Eviltoastman mentioned it there and I decided to create a profile. I immediately enjoyed the ease of use and functionality. I met Ben Hayes or Hayso after scanning the Ween group and we decided to trade mixes. I started work at a metal shop in the meantime and Fakehand was a new friend I made at that time along with Phototropic who was my next-door neighbor for much of this year here.