• Nine Inch Nails - The Slip - Album Review

    10. Mai. 2008, 11:13 von scorpiusdiamond

    Seriously, if anyone else calls releasing music for free online ‘doing a Radiohead’ in my presence I will… well, I won’t do anything besides tell them they’re stupidly ignorant… but bands have been releasing free music since broadband internet became available, and anyone to say Radiohead pioneered this method of music distribution should do some music research. However, the vast majority of music appreciators do not care about this… so yeah, Nine Inch Nails have done a Radiohead for the second time. Part one of Ghosts I-IV was released for free and the rest available to buy, whilst hardcore (and wealthy fans) forked out $300 for the limited edition copies (all hand-signed by Trent Reznor - who has been Nine Inch Nails since his debut Pretty Hate Machine). The Slip however, is ten free complete tracks for your listening pleasure straight from the NIN.com website.

    The Slip opens with 999,999 the introduction of the album, a pulsing crescendo of ambient industrial sound commonly heard in Trent Reznor’s last release Ghosts I-IV. …
  • I hope that's only beer spraying over me

    29. Aug. 2007, 12:02 von Mimey

    Seeing Nine Inch Nails live is interesting. Essentially the 'band' is an obsessive compulsive who likes to twiddle knobs in his bedroom. Angrily. While hating the world at large. Which surely can't translate into a shared experience. Oh, shush.

    It was an utterly awesome night. I'll start at the beginning.

    The queue. We got there an hour early and ALREADY the queue had reached the stairs that smell of piss. Is this a Birmingham phenomenon? Do all major conurbations have the pissy stairwell? I think the queue is an important part of the 'live' experience. Excitement growing by the second, those moments to reflect and prepare oneself mentally, the chance to watch the clientele. So these are my people? A lot of Trent clones, several gothic brides, the odd Charlie Watts and Fay Weldon, a load of emos who weren't there at the beginning and don't know how good it was, a smattering of grown ups, some initiating their children sadly unborn when it started so they don't know how good it was at the beginning. …