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  • Geburtstag

    18. Juli 1983 (34 Jahre alt)

  • Geboren in

    Clearwater, Pinellas County, Florida, Vereinigte Staaten

Aaron Roderick Gillespie geboren am 18. Juli 1983
ist amerikanischer Musiker bekannt wurde Aaron als Drummer und Cleangesang Sänger der Metalcoreband Underoath. Er verließ die Band am 05. April 2010

Sein Blogeintrag:

On the same day, Aaron posted this message on his personal blog:

"I am more than aware the news you have heard of seems rash, and probably hasty. I wanted to be able to write a few thing down here to maybe help you understand a bit, or at least clear up the rumor mill before it starts grind like a mo fo'.

1. Underoath and i have parted ways. Yes that is a true statement. There is no bad blood, there is no anger, i was in that band for eleven years, i love every person with my whole heart, i love the music we made together, the shows we played and the good times we had. People change, times change, and sometimes change just comes hunting for you.

2. Yes i will continue to play in the almost. I will also play acoustic, as well as speak and do other musical/ ministry type things.

3. Yes Underoath will remain a band, yes without me.

4. I really still love you, a lot.

5. I am still giving drum lessons, all your appointments will be honored and kept.

6. Everything you read here is true, regardless of what your friends or internet connection might tell you.

7. It's all good. listen to Underoath, listen to The Almost if you want, times change, roll with the hurricane.".

Derzeit ist er Leadsänger der Alternative Rockband "The Almost"

Außerdem hat er gerade am 08. März 2011 sein Soloalbum "Anthem Song" veröffentlicht.


Mit Underoath

* Act of Depression - 1999
* Cries of the Past - 2000
* The Changing of Times - 2002
* They're Only Chasing Safety - 2004
* Define the Great Line - 2006
* Survive, Kaleidoscope - 2008
* Lost in the Sound of Separation - 2008
* Live at Koko - 2010

Mit The Almost

* Southern Weather - 2007
* No Gift to Bring - 2008
* Monster EP - 2009
* Monster Monster - 2009


* Anthem Song - 2011


* "You're The Wanker, If Anyone Is" from Say Anything's In Defense of the Genre - 2007
* "My God" from This Beautiful Republic's Perceptions - 2008
* "Then They Will Know" from Preson Phillips' The Observant and the Anawim… - 2008
* "Sahara" from Relient K's Forget And Not Slow Down - 2009
* "All About Us" from He Is We's My Forever - 2010
* "With Everything" by Nine O Five - 2010
* Upcoming Run Kid Run project - 2011

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