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Armless Kid is a french young self-taught artist who has been working the Paris house circuit for a little while with famous collectives there just as la Chinerie or Copie Blanche. As a producer, he only have eyes for kickass house music! At only 22 years old, Armless Kid caught the attention of La Chinerie (a music collective in Paris) for the first time in 2015, with whom he produced the EP ‘Connard de hipster (Fucking hipster) that got noticed, especially the tracks ‘Renforcement musculaire’ (‘Muscle strengthening’) and ‘Canal Saint Martin’. Then, He released EPs on Copie blanche, Hustler trax and in july 2017 on the infamous label of Derrick Carter "Classic music company".

Xavier aka Armless Kid is right at home on Classic with his inventive ‘anything goes’ approach to producing and "Jado Jador" EP received a lot of support from international Djs such as Karizma, DJ Harvey, The Black Madonna, Voyeur or Fred Everything who said that “The EP sounds like a gem you find at a second hand record store that you have no idea when or where it was done. It transcends time and trends. It’s the kind of track you wish you were the only one to have. Reminds me of a cross between Chicago, San Francisco and Paris sound of the late 90’s.” His boundless energy makes his sets perfectly tailored to dancefloors and they never fail to impress their audience. Once he is behind the booth, he is always able to make bootys shake and turn his audience ecstatic.

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