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  • Jahre aktiv

    2007 – heute (10 Jahre)

  • Gegründet

    Brooklyn, New York, New York, Vereinigte Staaten

  • Mitglieder

A Storm Of Light is american Post-Doom Metal, formed by Josh Graham from Neurosis. In the best traditions of Neurosis! Atmospheric and beauty! Best recommendations!It sounds like some Neurosis fans decided to try their hand a drone doom. A closer look, and you can see why, as guitarist and keyboardist Josh Graham has had some involvement with Neurosis. It’s especially apparent with when you can hear the later period Neurosis, with the cleaner droning vocals, drums that are almost tribal at times, and generally windy, sparse, open landscape. The attack though is a bit slower, focused on drawing out the power from those long drags with the guitars. While these guys do wear the Neurosis influence right on their sleeve, it’s like they took the ideals of said band and forked them off into a different direction. The execution isn’t made to have blatantly obvious power from superficial elements, like beating the listener with the instruments. Instead the heavy here you can feel from the raw emotion pouring off. As always, trying to explain bands that fit into the same world that Neurosis does is extremely difficult not familiar with the band or their brethren. As much as I can tell you this a more metallic, doomier take on “metalgaze” (as some have labeled this genre), all the talk of landscapes, and atmospheres, which tend to be the chosen terms to describe this style won’t be enough. Sure, A Storm of Light come from slowed-down hardcore roots with keyboards and samples added, backed by tribal drums, and in this case, with a general slower, gloomier, doom feel, but such descriptions are never quite enough. Fortunately we do live in an age of free samples and MySpace streams… If you’re ready, prepare yourself to be sucked into another world.
(© Metal-Archives, by Shirt_Guy)

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