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Music connects people and brings them closer together.
It´s the easiest way of communication without a language.
Music moves human bodies & resurrects memories,
it´s ideal to escape from the ordinary & gives strength
in solitary seasons & hopeless situations.
Music has no complexion, no frontiers and we all like it.

Our artists arrange a sound mosaic based on Chillout,
Easy Listening, Downtempo, Ambient & Electronic Pop.

IdealMusik, located in Berlin, offers the up-and-coming
generation of artists, not only established artists
on the well-beaten path – the possibility of developing
music according to their own ideas and also the option
of presenting and selling music.
IdealMusik will continue to release compilations.
Ideal Chill I, II, III and IV is already out and Ideal Chill V
will be released this year. In addition, we also publish
artist albums & E.P.´s, ideal for a relaxed day.


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