Every Time I Die go to bat for old pal Skrillex

  • Every Time I Die go to bat for old pal Skrillex

    I sat down with Every Time I Die on Friday, just days after a guy we were all familiar with way before Grammy voters or viewers: former From First to Last front man Sonny Moore, now professionally and popularly known as Skrillex.

    They took a few minutes to express their thoughts on the outsized vitriol directed at their friend and former tour mate in the wake of his triple Grammy win. Check it out in the excerpt below.

    In a week or so, I'll have a lot more of the chat with Keith, Andy, Jordan, and Steve (he does speak, I swear!) filling us in on their new video, new record, this summer's headlining dates on Warped, and what the rest of the year holds.

    Thanks for reading, thanks for watching, and thanks for rocking!



  • First off, before I heard Skrillex I'd never heard of Sonny Moore or From First To Last, and still haven't gotten round to checking his old band out yet.

    I had the privilege to see Skrillex in London a couple of weeks back with 5000 other nutcases, and no kidding it was the best gig I've ever attended, and I've seen hundreds of bands and been to countless raves too. The night was so powerful, just intense, unbelievable!

    I just don't get the hatred that many people are directing at him right now. If people don't feel his music then that's cool. But as the guy says in the clip here, some are going out of their way to trash Skrillex without offering any reasoning behind the insults. You only have to check his page on last.fm and on any given day the insults out-weigh the love for the guy about 4 to 1. Maybe someone here can explain this coz I simply don't get it.

    To me he's the freshest sound to come along in years.

    Thanks for the post Bruce


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