Heavy Neo-Psych Kraut (Free DL)

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    • Benutzer
    • 15. Okt. 2008, 13:08

    Heavy Neo-Psych Kraut (Free DL)

    Samsara Blues Experiment from Berlin give away their first promo for free!

    Get it while it´s hot from:



    If you dig: Jimi Hendrix, Colour Haze, Mammatus, Lamp Of The Universe, White Hills, Earthless, Causa Sui

    “I was pretty blown away this is really cool. The slow wall of sound is really cool. I can not wait for the full record. Wow…” (Scott Heller, Lowcut Magazine, Denmark)

    “This one has a really great, Oriental atmosphere. I for one will be eagerly waiting for more material by this very promising band!” (Dj Astro, Psychotropic Zone, Finland)

    “This two track demo ep is sweet cocaine for the ears! SBE play classic stoner rock, with a strong sixties/seventies psychedelic vibe, that is a positive joy to hear looping out of your speakers and filling the room. Somehow SBE seem to make a well worn genre seem fresh and powerful… stretching out and coiling like a bastard ghost-echo of Hendrix… like a great perspiring electric jazz worm. It sounds fucking great. If these two tracks are anything to go by then SBE cook like a manic depressive master chef on crystal meth.” (Adam, The Sleeping Shaman Zine, UK)

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