Maximum Party DVD... out now

  • Maximum Party DVD... out now

    Released September 1st 2009, MAXIMUM PARTY is a DVD compilation of DIY bands from Leeds, UK and the world, complete with artwork by Kathryn Cooper.

    Volume One features:
    Yoko, Oh No!
    Printed Circuit
    Executive Legs
    Bilge Pump
    and FOUR supersecret bonus tracks!

    Buy Volume 1 online now for £3.99 postpaid anywhere in the world from

    Approximately £1 from the sale of each DVD will be donated to Cops and Robbers.

    Check the menus on the DVD for a password and web link allowing immediate access to streaming video/mp3 versions of all the material featured. Some videos will be released on our MPTV page – one every week for six weeks, beginning September 1st. Follow @maxparty on Twitter to be alerted of the newest free video and the URL to access it. You will need to buy the DVD to get the whole setlist!

    NB: Much of the live footage was not intended to be distributed when filmed. As such, volume varies but the footage is definitely worth seeing regardless.

    Thanks to all the bands and filmmakers who have allowed us to use videos of them in the first DVD. If you have decent digital footage of bands which you would like us to consider for a future release, please upload to and address to clairecircuit att gmail dott com.

    SOON: Maximum Party 2, featuring an entire Quack Quack gig from 2007! Please support the first DVD so we can afford to release it!

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