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a long time ago in an e-galaxy far, far away, a group of internet niggas conversed in the Rap & Hip Hop section of Yahoo! Answers discussing hip hop. This was back around the 2007-2009 period. But soon after, Y!A started becoming wack due to the infestation of lame users, petty trolls, and prepubescent children. In response, a user from Y!A created a Y!A RHH group on last.fm, where we could all communicate and continue to talk about RHH/document and observe musical tastes, whilst filtering out the trolls and dead weight users. However, wednesday July 20th, 2011, an unusually angry, veteran troll user from Y!A somehow managed to obtain main ownership of the first Y!A RHH group and decided to kick everyone out of the group and extinguish the movement permanently. Long story short, we created another group.

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