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Michael .... We All Love You!!!

Michael, no one will ever be as great as you
We will never ever let your music stop
We will dance like there's no tomorrow .. moonwalk, salsa, tango ... Til The Break Of Dawn
He's Bad. I'm Bad. We're all Bad. Shamone!!
Your message is clear & dear to our hearts
Live Your Life To The Fullest: Laugh, Love, No Regrets, Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly
We're Gonna Make a Difference .. Gonna Make It Right
To Take A Look At Yourself, You Know It, You Know it!
So Let's Start Together, Right Now 'Cause
Michael Is King of Pop, For Yesterday, Today & Forever

Book of Condolence, Tribute Projects, News, Music

Free MJ Newsletter to your inbox, News, Pictures, Merchandise

Extra Tab: Computer Wallpaper, Buddy Icons, Dance Game
News, Photos, Bio, Store, Forums

Next week: According to our charts .. They Don't Care About Us

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The Jackson 5 czterdzieści lat później.
O takim, co ratował Świat...

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Michael Jackson Online Games

Michael Jackson Play-Day Group. Please Join!!!

Received an email from moderators. Play Day Event has been deleted
An 'event' is for real concerts. It doesn't matter we can still have a 'play day'

We've Had Enough by Michael Jackson
Mass Download To get "We've Had Enough" to #1 on June 25th, 2010

I have added more pictures to the Jackson 5 Era
Started a new one: The Jackson Family
I am trying to be very careful with the selection of the information.
I don't want to present any lies or tabloids.
That's why I am choosing only the 'website' I think I can trust

The Active Discussions are for this group only
You can't have access to them outside this group as they are marked as private
Why? Because I have worked hard putting the information all together for this group

Lupus is a disease with a 1,000 faces. There is no cure.
It affects individuals differently. Mine was life threatening.
It was shutting down my organs. Skin changes is true, I'm beginning to see scars

According to our charts, Lady GaGa's Bad Romance is in demand
LINK: http://www.last.fm/music/Lady+GaGa/_/Bad+Romance

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