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Official group for the Uncharted Audio label, unchartedaudio.com

Official group for the London-based label Uncharted Audio.

Uncharted Audio was set up around the turn of the century by Russ Parsons (aka Kone-R) and Dan Daley to bring you the finest electronic music money can buy. Dan left to become a family man but Russ has continued the mission, releasing a series of albums and singles across a mind-boggling array of formats.

Initially created as a vehicle to showcase the talents of their as-yet-unheard friends Cursor Miner and LJ Kruzer, the label has grown into a respected node of musical ingenuity and a flagship of the DIY aesthetic. Albums by LJ Kruzer (acclaimed by everyone from Mary Anne Hobbs to Mixmaster Morris, and culminating in a legendary appearance at the Big Chill Festival) and one-time Warp maverick and nude model John Callaghan have broadened the fanbase of the label since it’s early days of vinyl singles packaged in oversized food bags, and a 7” subscription-only series got the fetishists foaming at the mouth.

With a new single due from Cyan341 (currently getting heavy rotation from the likes of John Tejada, Move D and Benjamin Brunn) and albums by Octavcat and Line, you’re only going to be hearing even more in 2009.

“Uniquely British…. a label to be cherished” (FACT magazine)
“Can’t be explained in mere words” (Organart)
“A right royal bunch of shenanigans” (Smallfish records)

Visit the website for more information and to purchase physical media.

Artists whose tracks have graced Uncharted Audio releases: Cursor Miner, Plaid, Si Begg, LJ Kruzer, Beckett & Taylor, King Cannibal (aka Zilla), Dub Kult, Neil Landstrumm, John Callaghan, Posthuman, Abstrakt Knights, Digitonal, Freezepop, Wrongtom, Treewave, Octavcat, Langer, The Council Flats Of Kingsbury, Kings Have Long Arms, Line, Kone-R, King Seven, Schmoof, Manilla, Villain, the Square Root of Evil, Defo, regolith, On/Off, AGT Rave Cru and Cyan341 ...with more coming!

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