GOOD Japanese music?

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    • 29. Okt. 2009, 1:58

    GOOD Japanese music?

    Ok, I'm very desperate, and I hope you will help me out. I listen to Japanese music for some time. I started with Eri Nobuchika (<3), then moved to the most famous ones: Utada Hikaru, NAmie Amuro (great 60s70s80s), Ayumi Hamasaki, and other similiar. All of that was crap (except Eri, NAmie's 60s70s80s and Yuki) that made me believe that there's no good Jap music.

    Even so praised B'z is generally crap.

    Of course, I found some nice ones like Pizzicato Five or Capsule, and I also like electro band "80 kidz", but this is it. I can't find ANYTHING worth listening to it longer than 5 minutes...

    Of course, I could ask about it in a more "general" group but I would expect the answers like "Listen to Utada Hikaru, she's great I love herrrrr <33333333333"... I think You, the listeners of a rather not very mainstream genre in Japnaese music would recommend me some good Jap music, it doesn't have to be Shibuya-kei, the more variety the better. I even like good enka (see how desperate I am?)...

    ...pretty please, guys?

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    • 9. Nov. 2009, 22:21
    Qypthone is pretty fun P5-ish music. Check out Flipper's Guitar and some of Cornelius's earlier work like the First Question Award (both have a similar sound). Original Love might be a band worth checking out since it was formed by Takao Tajima, one of P5's early vocalists. Les 5-4-3-2-1 is great, too.

    I'm having trouble looking for some of Original Love's and les 5-4-3-2-1's work, though.

    Oh, yeah. Check out Nomoto Karia. P5 founder Konishi Yasuharu produced her music.

  • if you don't mind,the band apart and special others is one worth listen-to artist,IMHO

  • what what?? i can't stop finding amazing japanese artists. just name a genre, and japan has it. the OP was forever ago, so if anyone reading this has a similar question just ask me for recommendations in my shoutbox :)

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    • 5. Aug. 2011, 11:00
    Shugo Tokumaru

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