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Sludge/Southern Metal/Rock band from United States of America (New Jersey), formed in 1994.

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Banda de Sludge/Southern Metal/Rock estadunidense (Nova Jersey),...

Pride and Glory is a side project for Zakk Wylde. He is best known as the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne's band. Zakk made his first album, Pride & Glory. Following that, he released Book of Shadows. After this, he formed the Black Label Society, his current band. The album Pride and Glory has more of a southern rock sound than Zakk Wylde's other albums incorporating banjos and mandolins.

The album is almost a complete departure from the music Zakk usually plays. Zakk's songwriting skills come to the forefront on the album, and a lot of Ozzy's later work can be heard in this album. The songs are very dynamic, and have a very loose feel to them, namely "Losin' Your Mind" and "Troubled Wine." Zakk also incorporated his southern-drawl voice to complement the southern sound on the whole album.

The band was originally named Lynyrd Skynhead and included James Lomenzo and Greg D'Angelo alongside Wylde. In 1994 D'Angelo was replaced by drummer Brian Tichy, this was at the same time that the band changed their name to Pride & Glory, and later that year they released their self-titled debut - and only - album on Geffen Records. In November 1994 Lomenzo left after their tour of Japan, 3 days before the beginning of their US Tour. Zakk managed to find a replacement for James in his long time friend J.D. The band played their last show on December 10th 1994 in Los Angeles in which Slash, guitarist of popular rock band Guns N' Roses (also signed to Geffen Records) played the songs Voodoo Chile and Red House with the band.

Pride & Glory - Losin' Your Mind

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