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Just Nathan Fake and his wonderfull music group :)

Nathan Fake:

Nathan fake (his real name) was born and brought up in norfolk, england.
He has been playing and writing music since he was a young teenager. now Nathan’s first record “outhouse” was released in late 2003 on border community.
Since then he has also released on saw recordings and traum schallplatten, and his debut album is due in late 2005.
Mathan also plays live sets on his laptop, and has played in places including berlin, barcelona, paris and amsterdam. he is not a dj, never has been and probably never will be.


For years now, kids have been tooled-up to create music in their bedrooms. But all that increased opportunity for creativity has not yielded as much as you might expect. Sure, The Streets made his UK garage pop on a home set-up and countless dance/grime/hip-hop producers are churning out great beats and bleeps to feed our dancefloors and head-nodders. But few have approached that celebrated dynasty of British electronic musicians such as Aphex, Boards Of Canada and more recently Four Tet, who have managed to deliver both the sound fetishism and the emotional depth that makes electronic music transcend its natural fanbase.

Twenty-two-year-old Nathan Fake is knocking on that door though, and he is your archetypal bedroom boy – needing just a laptop, a penchant for Mogwai and My Bloody Valentine, and half a degree in Music Technology to get there. “I’m always writing stuff at home, it’s what I do,” he says matter-of-factly. “If I worked in a studio somewhere, the act of having to go there would make it less comfortable. For me it’s just a computer and a Casio keyboard. It’s all I’ve ever used”.

Still's from Nathan's visuals by Vincent Oliver.

Nathan’s reputation was made in dance circles last year with a pair of techno singles and a corking mix of The Sky Was Pink by his Border Community label boss, James Holden. Lo-fi synths, soaring digital feedback and a woomping bottom-end destroyed dancefloors and perked up the ears of many a pundit (Nathan appeared in The Observer’s 2006 talent list). But techno was never the plan for his debut album. “I like making that kind of music, but for an album I don’t think it really works. An album has to flow together as one piece of music.”

And Drowning In A Sea Of Love certainly flows, like a ship on perilous seas, from one momentous wave of euphoria to another. His influences are laid bare, from Mogwai’s walls of sound to Four Tet’s glitches and intricate loops, but it’s the innocent melodies and nostalgic, pastoral vibe to Nathan’s sound that makes it, well, nice. “The album has a sound that’s quite old I guess. It’s not pristine electronic music; it sounds quite rough in places, organic, a bit rocky and a bit twinkly.” Indeed, if Boards Of Canada had gone epic they may have sounded like this.

For the full effect of Nathan’s vibe see him live with his pal Vincent Oliver on visuals. It’s a trip that’s beyond your average VJ fest. “VJ-ing is a bit vague - just people mucking about on a laptop - but this is stuff specifically made for the tracks.” Nathan breaks his shyness for the first time: “What we’re doing is a joint show, Vincent is performing as well. Even though it’s not a dancey set it’s quite intense and fun to watch.” Psychedelic? Definitely. Hallucinogenic? Certainly. Substance induced? Apparently not. A bedroom and a computer is all that’s required.

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