not enough content to play music station?

  • not enough content to play music station?

    Yeah i keep getting an error when i play my library radio station to listen to all the songs i will play some songs for a bit but then this stupid error message will come up and i cant listen to anymore of my songs so im not sure why its doing that bc i have quite a bit of songs that i tagged as "love" so someone please help and get this fixed

    • Zomgiwon schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 4. Aug. 2011, 2:39
    Yeah, it keeps doing the same to me. Kind of pissing me off =/.

  • I had the same problem, its not enough people wanting to listen to it, Its kind of like switch video if you know what that is but reverse. If you search for the artist a few times (maybe have friends too), its brought the station back for me, the content is there only if enough people want it

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