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A group for everyone who takes the art and music of Blonde Redhead seriously.

A place to talk and discuss for those who love the magical sounds produced by this wonderful band.

Right now it's pretty damn quiet on the BR front, but rumor has it that they're writing/recording for their next album. A brand new clip at the official Blonde Redhead website might give us a few hints:

Check out Simone at!

Earlier news:


Order the album from the 4AD webshop or the offical Blonde Redhead store (where you can also find t-shirts and other clothing)!

The band has launched a website with lots of information about the album, lyrics, the opportunity to make your own Blonde Redhead remix (!), and various streams of songs from the album. Check it out!

You can also listen to the title track from the album here. Check out 4AD's YouTube channel as well for interviews with the band plus various music videos from 23.

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