Indie Song Competition

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    • 8. Aug. 2009, 6:35

    Indie Song Competition

    Indie Song Competition

    Please come and join Independent Artist Company as an artist or listener and vote for DirgeK in the Indie Song Competition

    I have entered DirgeK with the following songs in the following categories

    Coming Home (Vs 2) R&B/Soul
    Beat Dancin R&B Soul
    Incognito Jazz/Blues

    Once you have joined the site you can have 10 votes/category/day She has got through the first round and the second round of voting starts on August 11th Tuesday. There will more rounds of voting after this

    To join go to IAC website iacmusic dot com and click on 'join here' on the left hand side

    You can vote for DirgeK's songs after logging in by going to the Stations Homepage and the going to the following stations or you can click on the voting icons on her artist page iacmusic dot com/dirgek

    2009 R&B/Soul Coming Home(Vs 2)

    2009 Blues/Jazz Incognito

    2009R&B/Soul Beat Dancin

    Please help DirgeK to live on through her music by showing your support and VOTING for her

    Thanks DirgeK's mum

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