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join if your an audio freak...

A group designed for people who are truly addicted to sound and are interested in news and reviews about all kinds of audio gear, producing tips and tricks, artists, new songs, night clubs, as well as for those Individuals who have a Talent in the following:

1. Music
2. Dj
3. Producer
4. Event Organizer ( Promoter )
5. Singer/Vocalist
6. Etc...

Please feel free to advertise your Services, Talents, Raise topics, etc. Certain Individuals maybe contacted by either Us, Companies or other Professionals in different fields and backgrounds for opportunities & work.

Please bear in mind that this group is for everyone. Whether you are Local or International. Everyone is welcome!

Please invite as many of your friends to join this group. The Larger the group the better. Any suggestions to help improve this group would be appreciated.



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