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    About this forum

    You may notice it's called "In the News", yet some people don't understand what that means. Here's what wikipedia says about News:
    To be considered newsworthy, an event usually must have broad interest due to one or more news values[citation needed]:-

    * Effect (how many people were, are or will be affected?)
    * Timeliness (did the event occur very recently?)
    * Revelation (is there significant new information, previously unknown?)
    * Proximity (was the event nearby geographically?)

    That means that a thread about a local band playing in a pub near you isn't news. Neither is a thread about your 500 yr old theory on why god does or does not exist.
    Your news thread doesn't have to be music related, but try choose something you think people will be interested in rather than something to disgust everyone.

    When you do make a new thread, please add a link pointing to WHERE you got the story from.

    Please don't ressurrect old threads if you have nothing new to contribute to the discussion. Yes, that does mean you should try read the whole thread before replying!

    If you're a Kiwi, please join the Hurrah for Kiwialism group | Groups for cool people:this this this this
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