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Apr 15

International Artecology Festival 2012

Mit TBA=Jazz, Fusion, World, Ethnic, im Miami


Sonntag, 15. April 2012Sonntag, 15. April 2012


Coral Gables, United States

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International Artecology Festival

15 april 2012

Coral Gables, Fl / Ponce de Leon & Alhambra plaza

A FREE Public Event For Arts, Crafts & Music Lovers, Families, and Green Enthusiasts.

International green vendors, artists and educators coming together to raise environmental awareness, and to promote sustainability in a practical and entertaining manner.

The International Artecology Festival uses the power of music, arts, and culture including performing, digital and visual arts, to provide awareness of its cause in a unique way. The Festival includes an array of environmentally focused events throughout the City of Coral Gables, including concerts featuring internationally acclaimed jazz, fusion, and world music artists.

This multidimensional event has been hugely successful in Europe since 2005. It is produced by Artecology, a European based not-for profit organization dedicated to promoting environmental awareness, plus green technology and products, by using the entertaining and transforming power of music, arts & culture.
The International Artecology Festival is designed to accommodate 120 tents and booths of national and international green vendors, artists and non-profit organizations.
For more information on festival participants, pricing, sponsorships and how to get involved, contact Iraklis Kalamenios artecologyweb@gmail.com.


Over 120 artists from all over the world will exhibit and perform to celebrate and support the green movement at the International Artecology Festival 2012. Original artwork from all over the world will be offered, including: painting, ceramics, photography, crafts, jewelry and sculpture at the Arts and Crafts booths. International LIVE musical entertainment will appear on the Main Stage and will be provided throughout the course of the festival along with a Kid’s Corner with green education & activities just for the kids. Vendors with organic and natural food offerings and beverages will be sold at the International Food court. Businesses promoting Eco-tourism to international destinations and Eco friendly products will be displayed in the City Green Life Area. You can experience Yoga, Wellness speakers and sample organic products at the Women’s Wellness & Yoga center. This event marks the start of an ongoing and new sustainable future.


The Artecology Festival is a multidimensional FREE event which embraces and highlights each location with their own individual characteristics to help promote Eco-sustainability and environmental awareness. By using the transforming power of music and the arts, we take a practical approach to educate the community on how we can help protect and sustain our world for generations to come.


First started in Greece in 2005 where the festival established itself as an annual event then later was organized every year in different cities, as the festival’s popularity grew.For 2012 the festival will be produced also in Spain and Germany, and will cross the Atlantic to be hosted for first time in the USA by the city of Coral Gables, FL.


Music, Arts and Crafts lovers of all ages. Eco-friendly, nature and health minded individuals, families and kids.

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