• Honestly..

    22. Aug. 2007, 4:11 von metalgirl616

    Sat 18 Aug – Rock The Bells 2007

    Honestly, I only went to this festival for Rage Against the Machine. I'm just going to put a few complaints out there. The show was quite amazing, I agree but the crowd control was terrible. Firstly, why was the venue the parking lot, and not the stadium a block away? Secondly, why weren't there barriers to prevent the massive pushing near the stage. I got pretty close to the front, beyond the T-shaped barrier to split the crowd, and the pushing was the worst I've ever been through, and I've been to some pretty rough concerts like Ozfest and Unholy Alliance. Being relatively short, 5' 5", I couldn't breath at all, and was having elbows pushed against my throat. I'm not saying the crowd was viscous, it was a very nice crowd, they helped me crowd surf out before rage even got on the stage, there were just too many people there, with too little control. There were uncontrollable waves of people, where people were unintentionally pushed over. …
  • Rock The Bells - 8/18/07

    20. Aug. 2007, 0:13 von gun-gun

    Sat 18 Aug – Rock The Bells 2007

    the day for me started off heading for bart around 2p. the train was scattered with obvious concert goers and the normal people looking around wondering what was going on. we made the walk up 2nd street and around the stadium to the bridge, then finally got in and already the place was a madhouse.

    the rough estimate of attendance was 50k, i would say by this point half of that was there. the 3 of us who were in on booze made our way to the beer garden first. no less then a hour wait before we managed to get a beer, and then they kept us in this tiny little "garden" while consuming said booze. God that was some poor event planning, the space was tiny, there were only about 8 tents. nothing worse then a bunch of drunk concert goers in a small enclosed area.

    we finally battled our way back out and then had to debate about which stage to go to. Blackalious was on at the same time Public Enemy was, which took us off gard since the orginal schedule had them on before rage. …
  • 31 Days (1 Month) until Rage Against the Machine

    29. Mär. 2007, 15:36 von snackle

    As this monumental day draws ever closer, my excitement and anticipation grow to new levels :) This is it, this is for real, no fucking around. And I know I'm not alone; RATM is probably one of the most beloved bands of "our" generation and will be one of the artists considered to be the 'classic rock' of it, if you will. So, if you are attending Coachella, how are you feeling right about now? What song you think they will open with? Is it going to be another Woodstock 99 or can we all keep our composure? For those who can't make the trip, are you counting the days till Rock the Bells? Will this spark some sort of change politically? Vent on me! We've been waiting for this day.....

    Just decided to bite the bullet and buy tickets to both cali dates for RtB. So this means I'll be seeing rage on every possible date! Anyone else going for this?

    Rage Against the Machine
    Rock the Bells (New York)
    Rock the Bells (San Francisco)