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Feb 1

CTM.11 - #LIVE!? (official site)

Mit Simon Scott, Ben UFO und 63 weitere Künstler in Various Venues


Dienstag, 1. Februar 2011Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011


Various Venues
Berlin, Germany

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CTM.11 – #LIVE!?
// Date: 1 – 6 February 2011
// Various venues, Berlin



The 12th edition of Berlin's unique and radically open-minded music and art festival, CTM (club transmediale), takes place from February 1 to 6 and assembles a unique blend of concerts, parties, laboratories, exhibitions and conferences, which will inspire nightlife hedonists, friends of breakneck experimentation and critical minds alike.
With the festival theme #LIVE!?, CTM.11 reflects the aesthetic, societal and economic implications of the growing importance of real-time media, the live experience and of so-called "liveness". Discussing these issues on the basis of audio-visual media performance, experimental music practice and pop culture, the festival aims to spark dialogue and exchange between theory and practice, bringing together scientists and artists and collaborating with a variety of guest curators, partners and universities.
Extended Club Nights at Berghain and Maria am Ostbahnhof on the weekend of February 4 to 6 present the state of affairs from within the ever-expanding club music universe. There’s a special focus on the diverse and continually permuting styles derived from the exploded genres of dubstep, grime and UK funky. Catch up with the latest developments of the UK scene at the big Hyperdub night at Berghain on Friday 4, which gathers the advance guard of the label's many forward thinking artists, Darkstar, King Midas Sound, Ikonika, Cooly G and others, around mastermind Kode9. Other highlights include a Perlon night at Panorama Bar, club concerts by Swedish techno-minimalists The Field, French duo Zombie Zombie playing the scores of John Carpenter, and young Cologne trio, MIT, who fuse Kraftwerk-inspired conceptual electronic music with the cold wave aesthetics of Joy Division.
The experimental concert and performance programme at HAU, Festsaal Kreuzberg, WestGermany and .HBC explores the interfaces between music, art and technology, and in doing so displays various strategies and takes on the idea of "live" performance, bringing, through firsthand experience, questions and conflicting conceptions which orbit around the festival theme "#LIVE!?", out into the open, These will then be addressed by a specially invited team of international theoreticians and artists in a two-day symposium at HAU 1. Other discourse formats, workshops, and an exhibition at Bethanien produced in by Den Haag-based art space, TAG, further the exchange between theory and practice.
On the weekend prior to the festival (28 – 30 of January), transmediale, CTM and a multitude of Berlin partners together invite you to the Digital Art & Sound Weekend. This first edition of DAS Weekend draws attention to the many artists, spaces and initiatives active in Berlin with great commitment and exciting ideas to promote artistic work and discourse in the converging zones between digital arts, experimental music and sound art. DAS Weekend invites organizations, venues and individuals to present activities by setting up their own events.


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